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Will Eating Vegetarian Make You Lose Weight?


Have you considered going vegetarian because of the many popular weight loss books that claim going vegetarian will ensure weight loss? Is there any truth to such claims?

Most people imagine vegetarians eating only super-healthy, low-calorie meals consisting of lots of fresh, organic produce. Unfortunately, eating vegetarian just means avoiding meat products, which means there is still plenty of space in a vegetarian diet to eat unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Going vegan means eliminating all animal products from your diet (meat, dairy, and eggs), which again leaves plenty of room for cupcakes and donuts in your diet.

For most people, meat is not the reason why they are overweight. Yes, eating fresh produce and whole grains is very good for you, but going vegetarian doesn’t ensure you really will do that. New “vegetarians” need to be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming “carbotarians”, people who live on breads, fried vegetables, fried tofu, and sugary foods.

Instead of viewing meat as the enemy, it may help to realize protein is helpful when trying to lose weight and tone up. Eating protein will help you feel full and will support any muscle tear-down and rebuilding related to exercise. This is not to say vegetarians can’t get more than enough protein from a vegetarian diet, just that inexperienced vegetarians may not know how to do so. Unless you’re eating half-pound hamburgers all the time, meat probably isn’t your problem.

However, you’d do well to eat more vegetables and fruit than the average American, that’s undeniable. The health benefits that come from a diet packed with fruit and vegetables are astounding, and yet most Americans forego fresh produce in favor of sweets and unhealthy menu choices. Fresh fruit and vegetables are low-calorie menu items that will satisfy you; combine these low calorie choices with a good exercise regimen and you’ll see success.

You want to see results? Don’t worry about going strictly vegetarian. Just increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, and forego the processed foods and high calorie meats. You’ll lose weight if you eat healthfully and exercise regularly.

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