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Why You Should Buy Organic Meat

Organic meat costs more than “regular” meat, but many people choose to buy organic meat anyway because of the fact that these animals are treated better. But while this might not be enough of a motivation for a lot of people, consider the health implications of the two choices in meat, and you just might begin to feel that it is worth spending a couple extra dollars on organic meat. When it comes to a comparison of what goes into producing organic meat and what goes into producing cheaper meat, you can begin to see why organic meat is so much healthier. After all, it only makes sense that animals kept in healthy conditions are healthy animals, and healthy animals translate into healthy meat.

There used to be no way of knowing just how “organic” meat was when you purchased organic meat. After all, as long as a company did not feed their animals unnatural foods meant to make them bigger, they could label their meat. This meant that some companies marked their meat “organic” and hiked up the price by doing the bare minimum necessary and still keeping their animals in unhealthy conditions. Last November, however, all of that changed, when Whole Foods and the Global Animal Partnership teamed up to make sure consumers could know what they were buying.

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The Global Animal Partnership is a non-profit organization that was established in order to promote animal welfare, especially in regards to animals that are raised to be “organic” meat. And now, with the help of the Global Animal Partnership, all the organic meat at Whole Foods is labeled according to how organic it is. You can find the five “steps” of organic meat – as well as an explanation of what each step means – on the Whole Foods Website and the Global Animal Partnership website. Equipped with this knowledge, you can know how healthy the meat is by knowing just how healthy the conditions were for the animal.

While some people feel that it is necessary to buy organic meat because they care about animal welfare, others might simply buy organic meat because they care about their own welfare! Whatever the case, consider making the switch to organic meat yourself – whether for the animals, or even just for your own health!


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