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Why Owning a Dog Can Make You Healthier


Thinking about dog ownership, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take on the extra cost and responsibility? You may be surprised to learn that dog ownership can provide many health benefits.

Owning a dog means you’ll get more exercise. Dogs love to walk and run, so they’ll get you out of the house and in your running shoes. Your dog’s unbridled enthusiasm may help you get more positive about exercising each day. You may find your pet will motivate you to walk or run on days when you might have skipped exercise altogether. Consider other ways to exercise with your dog. Try playing fetch with your dog or teaching him tricks, like how to catch a frisbee. All of these outside activities with your dog will get you moving, and that’s the key to healthy living.

Dog ownership can lower blood pressure. When doctors studied pet ownership and health benefits, they discovered petting your dog lowers your blood pressure. The next time your dog wants a scratch behind the ears, settle in for a long rub down, realizing you are benefitting from the experience as much as he is.

Owning a dog attracts attention from other dog lovers, which can result in meaningful social connections. You’ll discover that even in big impersonal cities, walking a dog opens you up to conversations with dog lovers. Try bringing your dog to a doggie park where you can talk to other dog owners as your dogs socialize, or take your dog to the pet supply store with you and chat up other pet lovers. Social connections are important for emotional health.

When you own a dog, you become more emotionally resilient. Studies have shown that the unconditional love and enthusiasm of a dog improves emotional health. In fact, dog owners tend to live longer than those who don’t own pets. If you get lonley or depressed, a dog may be just what you need.

Worried about your health? Consider visiting a pet shelter today.

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