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What Is Detoxing, and Why Would You Want to Try it?

Have you heard of people “detoxing”, but aren’t sure what that really means? Detoxification is a purification cleanse that removes excess toxins and waste from the body. After detoxing, people report feeling thinner, lighter, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Add a little sleep and you feel like a new person.

Why do people participate in detox programs? Each and every day you have to deal with an assortment of toxins your body was not created to withstand. Think about it: depending on where you live, you may have to deal with smoke, smog, chemicals, pesticides, alcohol, preservatives, and a variety of body-function clogging foods. These contaminants accumulate inside our bodies, challenging our kidneys, livers, and all aspects of our body’s waste removal process. Detox programs help you remove excess waste so your body can recover from this stress.

Now that you’re interested in detoxing, you’re probably wondering what a detox program entails. It’s best to try to improve your external environment by getting away from smoke, renting or buying an air purifier for your home, drinking purified water,  and limiting alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat consumption. You’ll want to switch to an oragnic fruit and vegetable diet for a while, allowing your body a break from processing meat, dairy, preservatives, and chemicals. You’ll want to drink plenty of water and tea. Make sure you maintain a normal sleep cycle during the detox process so your body can repair itself from the detox process.  If you have trouble falling asleep try a natural sleep solution called natures sleep formula to fall asleep fast and wake up vigorated.

What can you do to encourage regularity? Both water and senna tea effectively stimulate regularity and help your body flush toxins from a cellular level. Try to focus on eating raw fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Many people choose to juice during a detox session, or to live on the Master Cleanse lemonade concoction of lemon juice, water, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Set aside specific time periods for cleanses; this will help you stick with the program since you’ll know you don’t have to live this way forever.


Once you are done detoxing, gradually reintroduce foods one by one. Detox as often or as infrequently as your body demands, using health symptoms as cues.



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