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Reduce The Effects Of Sleep Apneya With Natures Sleep Formula

Sleep Apneya Causing Sleep Loss

Losing Sleep To Sleep Apneya


The effects of Sleep Apneya may be reduced with natures sleep formula treatment.

From The word expression called apnea is comes from the Greek word meaning stopped breathing and describes a pause in breathing which lasts at least ten seconds or more.  This may be overcome with natures sleep formula calming effect on the muscless that restrict the airways.

The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is, so to speak, an intensification of the pathological snoring. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the two clinical pictures as both contain many of the same symptoms. The mechanics of the origins of sleep apnea corresponds to ones described with snoring. In addition to loud and irregular snoring, the partner often observes breathing pauses. These last from 10 seconds to more than one minute in the extreme case. The pauses are ended with some deep and loud breathing and some snoring, often accompanied with movement of the legs or arms of the one in question.

The cause for this is a life-saving wake-up reaction (Arousal) which prevents the affected person from suffocating in his/her sleep. Accordingly, the whole body is activated: the muscles tense up again like in the awake state, the heart beats faster and starts to miss in some cases, the blood pressure rises briefly to sometimes very high values. Meanwhile, the sleeper usually doesn’t wake up completely, but is only nudged (right before awakening) from the deeper sleep stage into a lighter sleep stage. He isn’t really aware of these processes. But, in the morning and throughout the day he or she does get to feel the effects. The wake-up reactions, which happen several hundred times during the  night, prevent a restful and normal sleep. Therefore, the deep sleep and REM sleep phases don’t set in often enough providing no basis for a wholesome, regenerative sleep. In the morning, the one affected doesn’t feel rested, often has headaches or a dry mouth and throat after awaking, and is always in danger of falling asleep during the day, especially doing monotonous activities with little deviation like driving, reading, attending conferences, or working on the PC, etc.

Other symptoms are: concentration disorders, forgetfulness and mood problems like depression or irritability. Libido disorders and virilit problems in addition to sweating or excessive urination at night (nycturia, nocturia) are also observed.

Beside these manifestations, which are more or less perceived by the affected person, there are other risks which are not subjectively registered. The likelihood for cardiac infarctions and strokes increases many times over. Commonly associated diseases of sleep apnea are: high blood pressure, cardiac rhythm disorders and myocardium infirmity.

These subsequent illnesses are responsible for the fact that, on average, sleep apnea patients have at least ten years shortened from their life expectancy. The frequency lies statistically between three and ten percent in adults. Like diabetes or asthma, sleep apnea belongs to the most frequent endemic diseases. Many of the patients with heart disease and circulation illnesses suffer from sleep apnea in various magnitudes of intensity.

However, most of the persons affected with the disease are not recognised. This is one good reason to use natures sleep formula to help the body relax and reduce the poassibility of sleep apneya.

Unfortunately, there still prevails a huge lack of awareness about it, even among doctors. It is often dismissed as “a fashionable disease” or is thrown into the same pot as snoring. According to media reports, it is often the affected persons or their partners who first become suspicious, because they identify suitable symptoms in themselves or, when applicable, family members.

However, the breathing pauses can also go completely undetected. This happens when he/she continues to make deep respiratory chest movements during these breathing pauses which are, nonetheless, ineffective. Only through ambulatory examinations with a somnologist or stationary examinations in a sleep lab can the true magnitude of the respiration disorder become clear. Natures sleep formula has a relaxing effect that may help reduce sleep apneya in some individuals.

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