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Natural Alternatives to Sugar

There are any numbers of reasons that you may want to drop refinded sugars from your diet. Some people want something with a lower glycemic index while others just want to get back to nature with their diet. The reason you have doesn’t really matter.  If you have decided to make a change you may be wondering what your options are.

Blue agave syrup is extracted from the same plant that is used to create tequila. When compared to sugar in sweetness, blue agave is considerably sweeter. It takes about a fourth less agave compared to sugar. Agave syrup is typically organically produced. The agave syrups flavor is somewhat similar to honey mixed with vanilla.  The flavor is quite unique specifically to agave. The flavor may take a little bit to get used to.

Another great natural sweetener is sweet sorghum syrup.  In parts of the country this is called molasses even though it is not actually molasses. To create sorghum syrup the sorghum plants are pressed and the liquid is collected.  The liquid is then boiled down to create the syrup. Sorghum also typically can be found organic because it can be grown without herbicides and insecticides.  Sorghum syrup is high in iron, which is an added benefit. Sorghum syrup has a flavor similar to molasses but not quite as strong.

Good old maple syrup is an outstanding natural sweetener.  The sap form maple trees are collected during the springtime of the year. The sap is boiled down over a long period of time to create the syrup. Nutritionally maple syrup has a fairly good level of calcium, manganese, and zinc. These are all important minerals for your body. You may not know it but maple syrup is great in baking and also in sweetening drinks.

These are only three of many different options you have. Brown rice syrup is another option you may run across with the more common options of molasses and honey. You have many options to choose from when it comes to less processed natural sweetners.


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