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Know Where Your Fruit Comes From

You might have thought that fruit is fruit, and that buying organic fruit is just one more way to spend more money! But actually, there are several reasons why it is good to know where your fruit comes from. And in fact, when it comes to these reasons, many of them center around you and your health.

Of course, one of the big reasons to buy organic fruit has nothing to do with you, but has to do with farmers. By purchasing locally-grown, organic fruit, you are supporting an important industry that is being squeezed out by mass-produced alternatives.

But farmers and the environment are not the only things you will be helping; you will also be helping your own health.


When fruit is mass-produced using current, conventional food production, there are usually large amounts of pesticides used on the fruit. Of course, you might think of this as something negligible – might think that travel and washing both contribute to diluting these pesticides. But actually, much of the pesticide residue remains on these fruits, and it enters your system when you eat the fruit. Think about the fact that you are putting bug poison into your body with every bite, and you start to realize why organic fruit makes sense!

Furthermore, buying organic, locally-grown fruit will give you a much fresher product than you can get otherwise. After all, think about living in a corner of Maine and buying a banana that was shipped all the way from Mexico. Or living in Oregon and eating an orange that was shipped to your from Florida! With such a long time between harvest, packaging, transport, stocking, and sale, you can hardly believe that you are still eating “fresh” fruit!

Of course, even if you are not buying organic fruit, fruit is still an important part of having a healthy diet. But by taking that extra step and buying fruit that is organic and locally-grown, you will know that the product you are eating is both fresher and healthier. And after all, if you are purchasing fruit in order to maintain a healthy diet, it only makes sense to purchase the healthiest option available!

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