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How To Prevent Carsickness

If you or any of your children have a tendency to get carsick at times, you certainly understand what a nuisance it can be. After all, it can become practically impossible to take a road trip if you are dealing with carsickness, and even a trip to school or to the store can become a fiasco. Regardless of whether you tend to get carsick frequently or only every once in a while, these tips will help you to naturally chase carsickness away as soon as you feel it setting in.

Fresh air: One of the best ways to make carsickness go away is to open the windows and get some air flowing in the car. You will usually find the carsickness goes away right away when you roll down the windows.

Focus faraway: If fresh air does not seem to be doing the trick, try turning your focus to a point that is far away. Many people will naturally put down their head when they start to feel carsick, but this can actually make things much worse. You will usually feel much better than before if you instead keep your head up and focus on a faraway point – especially if you do this in addition to fresh air.


Food therapy: Some foods will make you feel worse if you eat them while carsick, some will do nothing for you, and some will actually make you feel better. Just as you would find with an upset stomach, a few things that will help you are ginger ale, water, and saltine crackers. Ginger root capsules and ginger snap cookies are two additional things that will help to cure a carsick stomach.

Cool cloth: If none of these work, you can try putting a cool, damp cloth over your forehead (and even over your eyes). If you or someone you are traveling with is prone to carsickness, consider keeping a cooler in your car – filled with ice, and with a cloth nearby.

Carsickness has the ability to ruin a trip, but this does not mean you have to allow it to; follow these tips, and chase away carsickness!


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