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Children Can Learn Healthy Living Through You

Parents should strive to teach their children a healthy life style. Kids are notorious for soaking everything up and then modeling that behavior to others. Parents are very smart to take this natural zest for learning and put it to good use by sharing healthy habits with your children. There are a good number of activities which both you and your child can take part in.

Swimming is a great sport that you can share with your child.  It is very important to teach your children how to swim. One of the most important reasons to teach your child how to swim is that drowning is one of the biggest killers of kids. It is not uncommon for local pools to offer swimming programs for kids. Swim with your child regularly.  This will help them gain confidence and it may spark an interest to make swimming a life log activity.

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Everyone in the family can enjoy hiking and it can be very aerobic depending on where you go to hike. You children can benefit from hiking for two reasons. First and foremost your child will burn off some energy, and second they can gain some respect for nature. You can begin hiking with your children at a very young age with them beign in a backpack.  The more you hike they more they will associate this as a normal part of their life. Kids won’t feel like it is such a chore when they have been hiking as long as they can remember.


A third sport you could consider getting your children involved in from the time they are very young is bicycling. You can keep them involved with biking as they grow.  They can start out in a seat, then go to a pull behind cart, to a trail-a-bike, and then finally to a bike of their own. Remember to get a properly fitted helmet for your child, and make sure to wear a helmet yourself to set a good example.

Kids learn like monkeys. They will soak up and copy anything that they see. If they see exercise is a normal part of their life they will be more likely to continue this habit as a teen and into adulthood. As kids age, it is harder to get them motivated to become involved in a sport unless they already interested in one.

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