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Buying Organic Fruits

Many people eat fruit without realizing what goes into the fruit they are eating – thinking that they are, in fact, eating healthy. The fruit you are eating is probably not nearly as healthy as you thought it was if you are going to the grocery store and buying fruit that is not labeled as “organic.”

There are three particular things that are done to the fruit you are buying at the grocery store that you likely do not want done to things you are putting into your body! Firstly, there are the pesticides used on fruit that is not labeled as “organic” – which is not good for humans to ingest. Secondly, much of this fruit is unnaturally large and lasts an unnaturally long time because it is grown using growth hormones and preservatives. And lastly, these fruits – the apples in particular – are often covered with a layer of wax in order to make them look shiny and more appealing when they are on display. Organic fruit is not that much more money than the alternative, and this is your best bet for eating fruit that is truly healthy for you.

Organic fruit is grown in a completely natural manner – the same way you would grow fruit in a garden in your own backyard! This means that the fruit you eat will not be packed with preservatives and growth hormones, and it will not be coated in wax and pesticides. Not only does this make the fruit a lot healthier for you – it also makes the fruit taste a whole lot better than fruit that is not grown organically.

There are two things you will need to keep in mind when you go shopping for organic fruits, and the first is that these fruits often will be a bit smaller. Do not be concerned, as this is natural, and as you will probably also find that you get filled up much more quickly eating these fruits. And secondly, make sure you do not buy in bulk, as these fruits will not last weeks and weeks in your pantry the way the less-natural fruit will!

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It is great to “eat healthy” by eating fruit; but if you do this, make sure that the fruit you are eating is truly as healthy as fruit is supposed to be!

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