Antler Velvet Max


Anti-Aging-The Longevity Solution


The body can be described as a system with amazing abilities to take whatever we drink and eat and then convert to usable energy. When it comes to intermediary metabolic processes, insulin will be an important chemical component. Quite simply, all of us need the hormone insulin to convert drink and food into energy sources that will enable us to think, run, walk and continue living. The following will look at how this hormone can help with antiaging and longevity, in addition to discussing a recently discovered antiaging secret called Antler Velvet Max.
Insulin has powerful effects on the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as a major influence on mineral and protein metabolism. Therefore, if the body is lacking a balance of insulin this will cause devastating effects on most organs and tissues.
When we grow older, the process for converting food to energy will change after awhile and this will cause the body to become less efficient. Similar to a vehicle that fails to convert gas to combustion and will get less miles for each gallon, unless in cases where the engine is not rebuilt or fixed. This is where the Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) comes into play.
After more than two decades of research, development and recent scientific testing, Antler Velvet was produced from cold concentrated, processed Conu parvum velvet antler which is cultivated in New Zealand.
Whenever this is coupled with a spray that is liposome-based, it has the potential to pass through all tissues, including the blood brain layer, in addition to being a contributing factor in the movement of antiaging. As it pertains to anti-aging, IGF-1 might be regarded as a brand-new miracle compound of the twenty-first century.
This product is the ultimate muscle, health and anti-aging compound and is produced mainly in the liver reacting to the release of Human Growth Hormone. Regrettably, when we grow older we all experience a HGH deficiency because of diminished discharge from the pituitary gland leading to a reduction in IGF-1. Most of the IGF benefit is centered on muscle performance and development.
Antler Velvet Max solution utilizes a patented LGDS or Lipo Gastric Delivery System, which enables quicker delivery, increased bioavailability and extended period of nutrient actions. For this reason, it has a unique advantage over powdered products, capsules and tablets. This system makes use of nano-particles which are sent more rapidly to the blood stream, where they are absorbed better and used without degrading inside the liver like what happens with some other products.

Some of the reported Antler velvet max benefits include an increase in the production of white blood cells; restores the immune that is supporting the lymphoid tissue; help to maintain a healthier bone density, metabloisim, muscle retention, muscle growth and might be one the most essential compounds for anti-aging and longevity.

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