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The body can be described as a system with amazing abilities to take whatever we drink and eat and then convert to usable energy. When it comes to intermediary metabolic processes, insulin will be an important chemical component. Quite simply, all of us need the hormone insulin to convert drink and food into energy sources that will enable us to think, run, walk and continue living. The following will look at how this hormone can help with antiaging and longevity, in addition to discussing a recently discovered antiaging secret called Antler Velvet Max.
Insulin has powerful effects on the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as a major influence on mineral and protein metabolism. Therefore, if the body is lacking a balance of insulin this will cause devastating effects on most organs and tissues.
When we grow older, the process for converting food to energy will change after awhile and this will cause the body to become less efficient. Similar to a vehicle that fails to convert gas to combustion and will get less miles for each gallon, unless in cases where the engine is not rebuilt or fixed. This is where the Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) comes into play.
After more than two decades of research, development and recent scientific testing, Antler Velvet was produced from cold concentrated, processed Conu parvum velvet antler which is cultivated in New Zealand.
Whenever this is coupled with a spray that is liposome-based, it has the potential to pass through all tissues, including the blood brain layer, in addition to being a contributing factor in the movement of antiaging. As it pertains to anti-aging, IGF-1 might be regarded as a brand-new miracle compound of the twenty-first century.
This product is the ultimate muscle, health and anti-aging compound and is produced mainly in the liver reacting to the release of Human Growth Hormone. Regrettably, when we grow older we all experience a HGH deficiency because of diminished discharge from the pituitary gland leading to a reduction in IGF-1. Most of the IGF benefit is centered on muscle performance and development.
Antler Velvet Max solution utilizes a patented LGDS or Lipo Gastric Delivery System, which enables quicker delivery, increased bioavailability and extended period of nutrient actions. For this reason, it has a unique advantage over powdered products, capsules and tablets. This system makes use of nano-particles which are sent more rapidly to the blood stream, where they are absorbed better and used without degrading inside the liver like what happens with some other products.

Some of the reported Antler velvet max benefits include an increase in the production of white blood cells; restores the immune that is supporting the lymphoid tissue; help to maintain a healthier bone density, metabloisim, muscle retention, muscle growth and might be one the most essential compounds for anti-aging and longevity.

What Are The Causes Of Insomnia-And How Treat It

What Are The Major Causes Of Insomnia

Insomnia is a extremely stressful sleep disorder since it happens when a someone is experiencing problems sleeping or keeping them from falling or staying asleep. To learn more about this sleep disorder, here are list of the major causes of insomnia:

  • One major reason that heads the list that causes this sleep disorders is pressure of daily stresses. This is mainly is caused by stress at work and home, studies have stress at home can be more of a contributor to stress and the cause of sleep insomnia..
  • Depression can contribute to the disorder of sleep insomnia. Many times, sleep depression can be brought about by many chemical changes in your brain. An individual that is depressed will eventually lose sleep which will result in insomnia sleep loss.
  • An additional common cause that will lead to insomnia is the side effects of the medications or prescription drugs that one may take.  Prescription drugs cause some chemical reactions in our brains which will lead to insomnia. The major side effect from these drugs or over the counter sleep aids can cause insomnia. Be careful with antihistamines, weight loss drugs and decongestants. limit your consumption of these drugs to limit the effects of sleep insomnia. If you are taking any of these medications you should consider a natural alternative like Natures Sleep Formula, a natural sleep aid with zero side effects.
  • Some things to avoid are nicotine products, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks that will curb your sleep and interfere with your natural sleep patterns.  Consuming these items will ultimately stop you from falling fast asleep and in the end will result to suffer from sleeping insomnia.
  • Anxiety is also one of the causes for why people complain of insomnia so think about it, are you experiencing anxiety attacks, then your self should I take action to see a physician to help me treat these sleep disorder symptoms of insomnia.
  • One more thing that needs to be considered is to watch out for another cause of sleep disorder insomnia can be stress hormones. The body can produce too much  cortisol, then you are at a high risk  to suffer from stress hormone condition.
  • Hypoglycemia is when the bodies blood levels change below normal levels and can be a common cause of insomnia.
  • Fatigue can cause sleep disorders by simply having a poor diet and exercise can affect your normal sleep patterns. A lifestyle change may be in order, change in diet and exercise would be a good start.

These are just a few of the tips of the major causes of sleep insomnia disorder.

There are different types of treatment programs that help individuals who suffer from this sleep disorder.  I would recommend trying natural treatment techniques through diet, exercise, nutrition, natural sleep aids like natures sleep formula. Once you have explored all natural treatment avenues, than you should seek a qualified professional to provide appropriate medical attention as a last result.  This post provides a list of the major causes of insomnia and its purpose is to educate individuals who may suffer from insomnia and who may not know what causes insomnia. And some tips on how to overcome this sleep disorder that a majority of people suffer from.

Finding The Right Sleep Aid Is Easy If You Know How!

How to find the Right Sleep Aid for You

 Don’t be ashamed; millions of people suffer from insomnia every night, and constantly seek the right sleep aid to alleviate this condition. Lack of sleep, difficulty falling into sleep, or difficulty staying asleep are considered situations that illustrate insomnia. Naturally, these difficulties lead to poor sleep quality and generally contribute to a less healthy physical state and well-being, because the body is lacking enough proper recharging.

 This disorder may be due to a lot of reasons, stress being one of the most common and apparent ones. When a person’s mind is constantly preoccupied with worry, fear, or other negative emotions, the mind is unable to disengage from the physical body to allow it to rest and recharge. More serious and clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders such as bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, or clinical depression may all be reasons behind insomnia.

 Those using or abusing psychoactive drugs or stimulants would obviously have difficulty snoozing due to the stimulation from these substances such as cocaine and amphetamines. However, stimulants need not be dangerous drugs but simply substances found in ordinary food and drink such as caffeine in coffee, or nicotine in cigarettes. Indeed, most individuals resorting to a sleep aid would be smokers and heavy coffee drinkers.

 A sleep disorder sufferer may seek over-the-counter medicine or OTC sleep aid to alleviate the condition. There is a variety of these remedies that are readily available. Diphenhydramine is a common type of sleep aid, which is actually an antihistamine or allergy remedy. Histamines are chemical substances in the brain that promote alertness and being awake, so antihistamines block these substances and therefore may induce the opposite reaction which is sleep. Doxylamine is a similarly common type of sleep aid.

 Prescription medication may be the course of treatment to enable more serious sufferers to simply sleep. This type of sleep aid is called sedative hypnotics, which work directly on the nervous system to slow it down, either to induce some shuteye or to help keep a person in bed. Most of these drugs linger for a long time in one’s internal system, so patients may potentially develop dependency on these medications.

 Benzodiazapenes are the most common type of prescription sleep aid that has been used for decades. However, it is this class of drugs that have the most propensity for habit formation. Recent developments in drug formulation and manufacturing have come up with a non-benzodiazapene type of sleep aid that works on the same areas of the brain but are less habit-forming and with fewer side effects.

 Finally, there are completely natural sleep aids that may benefit the most number of ordinary snooze-deprived individuals. There are certain herbal sleep aid and amino acid-based medicine that have been found to help alleviate insomnia. Side effects are reportedly rare in this case. A popular sleep aid these days are melatonin supplements, which seek to maintain high levels of this naturally occurring hormone that has been found to contribute to the human body’s propensity to sleep.

Natural Sleep Aids: The Safer Choice

Natural Sleep Aids: The Safer Choice

Natural sleep aids are gaining popularity among insomniacs or those who suffer from sleep difficulty, primarily due to less side effects that these types of medication brings. Natural sleep aids also most importantly do not form dependency or addiction in its users. While it may be argued that the effectiveness or consistency of these medicines have not been successfully established yet through medical studies or data, many users believe that there is no harm in taking these supplements because they do not bring negative side effects at any rate.

Common alternatives include herbal sleep aids, which are a mixture of botanicals and substances derived from plants, such as chamomile (also used in healing and soothing teas), lemon balm, lavender, valerian root and St. John’s Wort. There are also some amino acid-based supplements that reportedly help in conditioning the body to achieve more frequent and more restful snoozing. One can also research on foods that help you sleep as simple home remedies.

Over-the-counter or OTC sleep aids include diphenhydramine, which is actually an allergy remedy. Arguably one of the most popular and well-patronized natural sleep aids in the market today is melatonin, a hormone that is naturally found in the human body system. It has been found that levels of this hormone peaks during nighttime and is therefore correlated to the conditioning of the body toward sleep. It is among the most commonly used natural sleep remedies among insomniacs these days. It is also safe enough to be considered among popular natural sleep aids for children.

However, some may argue that the effectiveness of melatonin has not been clearly proven or substantiated by medical research. Also, it does not seem to exhibit any side effects but this hasn’t been proven in the long term. There are natural sleep aids such as the herbal supplements mentioned above that may have adverse effects on some individuals, such as allergic reactions.

Patients who have been used to prescription sleeping pills may have a very difficult time switching to other methods of natural sleep aids. This is because they would have most likely developed a dependency already on the chemicals of these prescription medications. Addiction or dependency on benzodiazapenes is very common. This type of drug is one of the earliest types of prescription drug to be developed to help insomniacs by acting directly on the body’s nervous system. It is very effective compared to natural sleep aids but it is also highly addictive.

In recent years, drug companies have successfully developed a non-benzodiazapene based drug that still influences the same parts of the brain and nervous system but produces less side effects and dependency. However, this is still considered as prescription medication and should be dispensed under a physician’s care only.

Alternative sleep help does not only pertain to medication but psychotherapy as well. Cognitive behavioral therapy, which is also used to treat a lot of other anxiety disorders, is a completely medication-free course of treatment. Patients have reported great help from this form of treatment. Whatever natural sleep aids a patient may choose to take, these would be more preferable options compared to the side effects of prescription medication.

Why Switch To a Natural Sleep Aid

A lot of insomniacs or sleep disorder sufferers are increasingly switching from prescription medication to a natural sleep aid. The benefits of a natural sleep aid are becoming more apparent and appreciated these days as the incidence of prescription pill abuse and misuse have been skyrocketing in the past decades. Addiction and dependency on sleeping pills have brought more harm and suffering to insomniacs than long-lasting help or relief.

A natural sleep aid means that it does not contain any medical substance or chemicals that alter the body’s functioning in a fundamental way, such as directly to the nervous system or brain. Benzodiazapenes are one of the earliest discovered and still-prescribed drug-based aid that acts in this intrusive manner. These drugs are also called sedative hypnotics. Pharmaceutical companies have come up with a non-benzodiazapene type of medication that produces the same effect but with less side effects and less propensity for developing dependency among users, but this drug still has to be prescribed and dispensed under lawful control.

An insomniac may choose to take a natural sleep aid, but there are still a lot of individuals who prefer a common and readily available medication such as antihistamines. Antihistamines are actually medication for allergic reactions. Histamines are chemicals in the brain that cause wakefulness. Therefore, antihistamines block these substances and induce sleep. Diphenhydramine is a popular type of antihistamines. Another medication similar to diphenhydramine is doxylamine.

A natural sleep aid may be preferred over such medicine as diphenhydramine and doxylamine because they have fewer side effects. Antihistamines would be advisable to take only for short-term management of insomnia. Long-term use may lead to adverse side effects and physical symptoms.

A natural sleep aid that is enjoying popularity and patronage among sleep disorder sufferers is melatonin. It is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body whose peak levels at night is associated or correlated with sleep. When light is perceived by the human body, melatonin levels decrease. Thus, melatonin supplements seek to consistently maintain the high levels of the hormone, recreating the body’s conditioning toward natural nighttime sleep.

However, studies have not conclusively substantiated the effects of melatonin supplements as a natural sleep aid. Its long-term effects have also not yet been studied or observed. There are other types of  herbal sleep aid such as supplements composed of plants and botanicals like chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, and St. John’s Wort. Those who are familiar with these natural ingredients may come up with a home remedy sleep aid themselves. A popular ingredient or additive is the valerian herb or valerian root.

Another option for a natural sleep aid is psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. No drugs are taken in this course of treatment; rather, a behavioral specialist or doctor assists the insomniac in dealing with the anxiety, fears, stress or negative emotions that may be the underlying cause of insomnia. A lot of patients have undergone this type of non-drug based treatment with lasting success. There may still be doubts regarding the concept of natural sleep remedies and their effectiveness, but natural sleep aid is still far less harmful than prescription treatments.

Adrenal Fatigue Could Be A Causing Your Sleep Disorder


Adrenal Fatigue May Be The Cause of your sleep Disorder.

One of the biggest complaints of some one who may suffer from Adrenal Fatigue in adults is Tiredness. The loss of energy to do everyday activities. Some of the other causes of this include anxiety, reduced memory, loss of concentration, insomnia, weight loss, frequent infection or influenza, sleep loss, contribute to sleep apnea and several others.

When an individual is diagnosed with symptoms associated with Adrenal Fatigue they are often told to reduce the stress in their life which can be a silent killer if not addresses properly may cause serious deliberating symptoms with the body and will effect how your body copes with this disorder. Our bodies do have a protection mechanism that helps are bodies cope with undue stress on our bodies which is controlled through our Adrenal Glands

It has been know since the early 1800′s that this disease existed, however many doctors are not well versed in this disease which could cause this problem to be misdiagnosed. As a matter of fact most doctors are nowt aware how to treat this and this has become a problem as more people are exposed to this with our daily hectic lifestyles,work, travel, bad economy etc.

Several members of the health community are not aware that there are treatment options that are available to treat this condition. But the first step is having this properly diagnosed so that a treatment plan can be prescribed or the person suffering from this can take preventive action.

Please take note that if you are looking to be diagnosed for this condition take caution that you are not mistaken for a disease which is called “Addison’s disease” which has displays similar signs of fatigue, loss of memory, loss of energy, sleeplessness, sleep loss, insomnia, anxiety which is a auto-immune dysfunction. Stress is the major cause of Adrenal Fatigue. Reduce stress, relax more, eat balanced nutrition and get more rest and plenty of sleep. If you suffer from sleep loss there is a natural sleep aid that may help you in this area it is called Natures Sleep Formula that will provide a restful night sleep and allow your body to recharge itself naturally.

If you feel you have Adrenal Fatigue here are some signs to be aware of:

Weight gain, weight loss
Energy loss
Neck & Back Pain
Craving coffee and sweets
Sleep difficulties
Sleep loss
Feeling tired but can’t fall a sleep
Loss osf sex drive
Memory loss
Feeling light headed, dizzy

If you suffer from any of these factors above it would be to your advantage to have your doctor look into this and see if Adrenal Fatigue is the cause and get treated properly.

Adrenal Fatigue-Sleep Disorder Cause

How Shaquille O’neal Solved His Sleep Apneya Problem

Sleep Apneya Solution

Sleep Apneya-What does it have to do with Shaquille O’Neal 7 Foot 1 and 300 pounds?

Who would have guessed that the Big man Shaq was a snorrer. Sorring does not sound all that bad unless you are the persong sleeping next to someone who has a snorring problem. This is waht happened to Shaq’s girlfriend Nikii Hoopz Alexander recently who had asked Shaq to look into having a sleep study to determine if he had a sleep problem. He agreed and went to see a sleep doctor for a consultation. It was determined that Shaquile may have a common sleep disorder of Sleep Apneya. Sleep Apneya is a situation where the body restricts the intake of air during the sleep process and will cause and individual to be awakened during the restriction of air during breathing so they will not suffocate.

The person who suffers from this sleep disorder is usually now aware of this which disrupts the normal sleep cycle causing loss of sleep, sleeplessness, fatigue, stress, weight loss, and various other side effects. If not treated properly can lead to more sewrios health problems.

After Shaq met with his sleep doctor and he agreed to under go a overnight sleep study where they placed several electrodes on his body to properly monitor his sleep cycle and body functions. After the sleep study was complete Shaq met with the doctors for a consultation on the study and it was determined that he had a moderate sleep apneya diagnosis. There where three treatments that were avaliable to treat this one a dental aperatis, two a sleep mask and three there is surgery that may be needed. Shaq was outfitted with a sleep apneya mask and now states that he is getting a better restful nights sleep, has more energy, feels great and has a better relationship with girlfriend.

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Sleepwalking-Natures Sleep Formula May Be The Answer

Sleep Tips

A Child that has a sleepwalking Disorder

somnambulism is known as the sleepwalking disorder. It is known that approximately 14% of people are affected by this sleep problem. It affects kid between the ages of five and twelve years old. One quarter of the people with this sleep problem may have more frequent episodes. Boys are more common to have this type of Sleepwalking episode compared to girls. The majority of children that perform a sleepwalk will grow oput of this sleep situation.  When they are of adult age they may need a sleep solution like Natures Sleep Formula to help provide a peaceful nights rest.  When the bodies nervous system develops it may help to overcome this sleep walk disorder all together.

It is believed that kids have this disorder because the immaturity of the brain’s sleep / wake cycle patterns. A Normal persons brain will wake up at the same normal time. However, in when a person is a sleepwalker, the whole brain will not wake up at the same time. The part of the brain that is responsible for movement awakes while the other part of the mind responsible for cognition and awareness will stay asleep. The person sleeping will actually remain in a deep sleep state.

The non natural sleep state of this disorder shows signs that the brain remains partially asleep and the body is movable allowing a person to sleep walk. Most people that have this sleepwalk disorder will get out of  and walk around un knowingly. There has been individuals that have been know to get dressed and even leave the inside of home and go outside. A person in the unnatural sleep state can walk around with eyes wide open blank faced and will not recall the next day what they did or what they saw. They do not respond to conversation or their name being called. A sleepwalker’s movements usually appear clumsy. They have been known to trip over things or knock over furniture as they move around. These episodes usually occur around one to two hours after the individual falls asleep. A typical episodes will usually remainj for fifteen minutes, but an episode could last for more than an hour in rare cases.

Most children will eventually outgrow this sleep disorder, in rare cases teatment is required when a person gets older,  A treatment with a natural product like natures sleep formula may help.

If a child has a sleep walk episode it is best to simply offer guidance for the child back to his or her bed without waking the child disrupting the childs sleep cycle.

When it comes to adults there is a small population that have this sleep problem of only 1%. These adults did not have to have this disorder when they were children. An episodes can be triggered by many factors including stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, sleep fragmentation or other medical conditions. One such edpisode would be something like epilepsy.

One of the biggest concerns for adults that have this condition is that when they have an episode is whether or not they would walk out side of the home placing themselves in immediate danger by walking into a street and placing themselves in immediate harm.  If a person remains within the home they would not be of any great danger to themselves or anyone else. The best treatment for this would be medication prescribed by a doctor, behavioral therapies, natural sleep formulas, hypnosis.

If you have a sleepwalker in your home you can take steps to provide a safe environment to help eliminate any dangerous obstacles that a person may encounter during a sleep disturbance episode.  Remove any objects that may cause harm, sharp, pointed items, slip and fall obstacles, lock doors to keep a sleep walker inside.  Place an alarm on a door or entry exit way.  Protect large window areas by providing protective coverings etc.

Remember it is the environment they live in that is the biggest danger to someone who suffers from somnambulism disorder more that the sleep disorder by it self.

Disease Can Be A Cause Of A Sleep Disorder


Diseases that can cause a sleep disorder

Many times a sleep disorder can be caused by illness or medication used to Initiate a disease. Some common health problems that can cause difficulty sleeping are cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, mental illness, illness of gastro-esophageal reflux, kidney disease, and  arthritis.
Heart diseases includes congestive heart Stoppage and coronary heart disease. These are the two most common heart problems that affect sleep and can cause a sleep disorder. L  Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart can not pump enough blood A for the purpose of  body. Blood s  accumulates in the veins of the heart that lead to the kidneys and edema damages long-term lung and other organs. People suffering from  congestive heart failure Enormously high risk of sleeping sickness in the  obstructive sleep apnea. Coronary artery disease is  accumulation of fatty deposits in arteries that supply blood to the heart, called atherosclerosis. This condition can also lead to  obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep disorders can occur from endocrine disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease. Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body processes and uses carbohydrates, fats and proteins. People who have uncontrolled diabetes often develop sleep disorders of restless leg syndrome. Thyroid hormones regulate levels  body’s energy. L  hyperthyroidism may hurt s  sleep and night sweats cause the person to wake up.

Sleep Disorder

Neurological disorders include Parkinson, s disease  Alzheimer, s  epilepsy and stroke. Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system. This disease causes problems with body motion, including tremors, unstable posture, slowed body movements, muscle rigidity and difficulty walking. Sleep disorders that Happen with this disease include the REM sleep behavior disorder and  of insomnia  sleep. s disease  Alzheimer’s affects the brain’s intellectual functions and is the most common cause of dementia. This disease causes sleep fragmentation. L  Epilepsy causes recurrent, sudden, brief changes in the  ordinary electrical activity of the brain. People with this condition are twice as likely to suffer from the  insomnia sleep disorder. People who suffer from  also a stroke Ordinarily d  obstructive sleep apnea. A natural remedy that will help the sleep problem is Natures Sleep Formula a natural sleep aid.

People with respiratory diseases such as  asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, most often as a sleep disorder. L  Asthma is a chronic lung restriction which makes breathing difficult when air passages become inflamed and narrow. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known as COPD, refers to a group  diseases that damage the lungs and make breathing provocative. Many people with these conditions suffer  insomnia and sleep fragmentation. Mental health problems such as depression,  anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder and may also lead to a sleep disorder. People with these disorders often suffer from mental health and sleepBreakup  insomnia.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, identified as GERD, causes the acid in the  stomach to  flow to the  back in the  esophagus. This causes the sleep disorder of sleep fragmentation.

Kidney disease causes the kidneys lose their ability to filter the proper amount of waste from the blood and regulate  body’s balance of salt and  water. This can cause sleep disorders of restless legs syndrome and the onset to develop insomnia.

Individuals with  arthritis regularly have troubles  sleeping for the reason of joint pain. This often results in sleep insomnia.

When an illness causes a  disorder to progress, the sleep disorder is second to the disease. Successful treatment of primary underlying cause usually diminish the effects of sleeping sickness.  Natures Formula can assist with several sleep problems

Fatal Insomnia Familial Sleep Disorder

Fatal Familial Insomnia

This is probably by far one of the rarest forms of sleeping disorders around. This is an inherited disorder that has only been found in 28 families in the world that have the dominant gene for it. The offspring of a parent(s) of developing the disorder is about 50% and there is no cure for this. The age of onset is around the ages between 30 and 60 and the disorder’s time frame runs between 7 to 18 months. This disease has 4 stages that it goes through and 1st stage of the disease starts off with the sufferer dealing with increased insomnia leading to severe panic attacks, and various kinds of phobias, this stage lasts about 4 months, 2nd stage sufferer deals with hallucinations and panic attacks become more obvious and lasts about 5 months, 3rd stage Complete and total inability to sleep. And follows with drastic weight loss and lasts about 3 months, 4th stage Dementia sets in and progressively becoming irresponsive and mute over a course of 6 months and this is the final progression of the disease.

This sounds a lot like Alzheimer’s because if you notice the time frame it’s a lot less shorter than the actual time span of someone who deals with Alzheimer’s because the sufferer is dealing with it for several years instead of a year where the disease progressively degenerates the mental capacity to such a degree that the sufferer has a hard time with memory.

As far as treatment is concerned sleeping pills don’t have any effect for people suffering from Fatal Familial Insomnia and not even non-medicinal therapy like natures sleep formula doesn’t work either. Medical science has no idea why it’s a fatal disease and how they can create effective treatment options to combat this problem. And more effective genetic testing for diseases that are inherited to find out what can be done medicinally and therapeutically to deal with this sleeping disorder.

It’s a matter of how much attention the medical world takes note of this and pushes the funding to finding a cure and effective genetic testing of families and tracking diseases through the generations to be able to have some kind of record of the disease passing down through generations or skipping generations which is what some diseases have done in some families for those who have a disposition for certain things.

This doesn’t get nearly as much attention as all the other sleeping disorders because of it being rare, and only turning up in so many people and births making it not rare enough for it to get the recognition as regular insomnia and to qualify for the treatments. That are currently out there to help those 60 million people who are dealing with some kind of sleeping disorder(s).

With the way medical science is going it will be a matter of time before medical science catches up and helps the many people who are looking for a cure of being deprived of a restful night’s sleep. The moment a cure is found is one more person who will be helped to have a good night’s rest.